Harty Ferry Cruise

Harty Ferry Cruise


01/05/2021 - 03/05/2021    
All Day


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Harty Ferry Rd
Leysdown on Sea, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 4BQ

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Join Me, Mark Harling (Indigo Sea) newmembers@shotleypoint.org for one of our longer cruises to Harty Ferry, behind the Isle of Sheppey. Sail across the Thames Estuary and see the Shivering Sands Army Fort and the Knock John Tower. Other than the obligatory sand banks and wind farms on route, there is easy access to the Swale River.

The abundance of anchoring (holding is very good) or mooring buoys (East Coast Pilot has details I’ve never been charged, pick one up and be prepared to move if asked). makes this a nice trip for those who want to get away from the marina and stick a toe into the sailing safari life.

Once secure, enjoy a quick hop via your tender to the Harty Ferry Inn, or slightly farther to Faversham. This is best taken on the flood and returning on the ebb. There’s plenty of pubs, including a haunted pub! ‘The Shipwrights Arms’. Clearly at this stage its unsure if the pubs will be open so self-catering might be the only option.

On the return trip I recommend a passage around the Island via Queenborough under the lifting rail bridge. It might mean a night at Queenborough or one of my favourite anchorages Sharfleet, off Stangate Creek but worth considering.

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Tides and Timings-(Please remember this is my working out from an almanac, it is the skipper’s responsibility to double check this information. I do get things wrong!)

Sat 1st May. Club Timings- ETD 07:00 Shotley ETA Harty Ferry 16:05,    @ 5kts in the hour a journey time of 09:10, 45.9M.

Walton on the Naze                               Grovehurst Jetty

HW03:13          4.5                               03:58    6.0

LW09:17          0.5                               10:39    0.7

HW15:40          4.0                               16:22    5.6

LW21:47          0.3                               22:57    0.7


Mon 3rd May. Club Timings- ETD Harty Ferry 05:35 ETA Shotley 14:45

First Light 05:35

Grovehurst Jetty                                    Walton on the Naze

HW05:45          5.4                               04:56    3.9

LW11:59          1.3                               11:01    1.0

HW18:12          5.0                               17:26    3.6

LW24:36          1.1                               23:42    0.7


Bookings are closed for this event.

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