6th Club Sailing Day

6th Club Sailing Day


All Day


Bookings closed


Shotley Marina
Shotley Gate, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 1QJ

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Club Sailing Days provide an opportunity for ALL members to get out on the water for social day sail and in company. These are separate from the programme of longer cruises and the aim is to involve as many members as possible in Club sailing.

As well as involving boat-owning members and their crew, Club Sailing Days also provide sailing opportunities for non-boat owning members of the Crew Pool Scheme, to develop skills and gain further experience, and for novice members to further their interest in boating. Our team of Volunteer Skippers will take out non-boat owning members of the Crew Pool Scheme. Please Note: There is no obligation for boat-owning members to take anyone other than their regular crew, although additional help is always welcome.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible out on the water.



Bookings are closed for this event.

7 replies on “6th Club Sailing Day”

Acorn isn’t in the water this year, so sam and I are looking to join as crew pool. We’re looking to do day skipper practical, if that’s a better gauge of our level.

Marie-Louise, if you and Sam wish to join the sailing day in September please book 2 places on this event. I will match you with a skipper who can offer you opportunities that can help build experience towards your day skipper practical.

Hi Nigel,

Is there any update on the plan for next Saturday? We’ve signed up but haven’t heard anything since.
Many thanks!

Maria-Louise, I am waiting to hear from one skipper and then I will be able to let you know what is happening. Since these activities are so weather dependent the plans for the day are rarely set until a few days before.

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